Summit Boxset – Winter

$80,97 $69,99

This all-in-one boxset gives you a healthy skin with no fuss.  Men’s Seasons plants a tree for every boxset sold. This boxset contains the following Winter Gear products:

  • I cleanse 90 ml
  • I hydrate 60 ml
  • I protect 30 ml

Cleanse, hydrate and face the elements.
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My wishlist


  • My Canadian natural active ingredients

    Black Spruce Bark Extracts

    Black spruce growing in the Canadian Boreal Forest endure temperature variations from -30°C to +30°C. To protect themselves, their bark contains polyphenols and terpenes, which are powerful, active complexes. When extracted, they are proven to be highly beneficial for humans. In addition to protecting and softening the skin, they increase hydration by 60%, providing a smoothing and firming effect.

    What’s not in it

    No petrochemical ingredients
    No animal ingredients
    No parabens
    No microbeads
    No dye No alcohol
    No triclosan
    No diethanolamine (DEA)
    No propylene glycol
    No phthalates

  • Additional Information

    Weight 0.340 kg
    Dimensions 21.5 × 22.5 × 5.25 cm