Include the sessions important points. documenting each individual session is how you provide evidence about the quality and efficacy of your treatment plan. May, lets take a simple notes template, like data, assessment, plan, and look at how we could pare down a long note.

here is a note for our hypothetical client,. well look at each section separately to see what things we can take out. first, lets check out the data section long version client arrived five minutes late to session. Just like any other soap notes, your assessment should only contain relevant details.

this may be longer than the other sections. plan. this contain information on the treatment you gave during the session, the patients response to the treatment, the schedule for next appointment, the instructions you gave to the patient and the outcome.

Notetaking in counselling and define as writing observations on clients. purpose of counselling notes we take notes in counselling for a range of reasons they serve to aid our memory when recapping prior to the next session. our agency professional body may require us to take notes for in counselling read more Ad hoc client notes if you have ideas or notes about your client you can to jot down in between sessions, you can do so on this page.

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