Why should I cleanse my face?

Throughout the day, dust, excess sebum and perspiration accumulate on your face. To remove all of the accumulated dirt, it’s important to use a good cleanser that does not dry out the skin and does not alter its pH. A gentle deep cleansing also prepares the skin for shaving and prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs.

For clean, clear skin, use Men’s Seasons’ “I cleanse” every day. We have designed two cleansers that meet the seasonally specific needs of the skin: “I cleanse – Summer” and “I cleanse – Winter” .


First moisten your face with your hands in the shower or under the sink tap. Then put a small amount of Men’s Seasons’ “I cleanse” cleanser in the palm of your hand. Lather in your hands, spread all over the face, neck and ears, massaging lightly. Enjoy the mild, subtle fragrance for a few seconds, then rinse with fresh water. Dry your face with a clean towel and avoid rubbing the face and neck too vigorously! Presto! Enjoy the new you!


Does your skin feel irritated and tight, and do you have a dull skin tone? Don’t panic! Skin dehydration is common, but you can protect yourself with proper care. Maintain your skin every day with a men’s seasonally specific moisturizer for summer “I hydrate – Summer” or winter “I hydrate – Winter” . This will prevent drying, premature aging and bring immediate comfort to your skin.


Cleanse the face and neck, then moisturize. Put a small amount of our product “I hydrate” on the tip of your fingers and then spread it on the entire face, neck and around the eyes. Gently massage for a few seconds while your skin absorbs the moisturizer. It will have a non-oily, non-sticky finish, yet feel well hydrated. Presto! Your face is now smooth and firm! Smile!

Mattifying Gel

Are your forehead and nose always shiny? Then Mattifying Gel is for you! This gel is made from natural ingredients and helps control perspiration and excessive oil, leaving your skin with a shine-free finish. Men’s Seasons’ “I mattify” Mattifying Gel also hydrates the face, helps reduce signs of aging and absorbs quickly with no oily residue.


After cleansing and moisturizing your face, put a small amount of Men’s Seasons’ “I mattify” mattifying gel and spread it by gently massaging into the parts of the face that quickly tend to become shiny (forehead, nose, chin). To be truly effective, this product should be well absorbed by working the product into your skin until it is very dry to the touch. Presto! Now you can look brilliant without the shine!

Winter Protecting Balm

Men’s Seasons has designed “I protect” a cold-busting natural shield in order to prevent chapped skin and frostbite caused by wind and cold. This natural and vegan petroleum jelly substitute (better known as Vaseline), is a powerful moisturizer that has been designed to create a thin layer of protection on the surface of the skin. In addition to Black Spruce Bark extracts that act as a skin cell protector, our product contains zinc oxide. The grade of zinc oxide chosen does not leave white marks on the face (unless you apply a ton!). Finally, it washes off easily with water and a gentle cleanser such as Men’s Seasons “I cleanse”.


Take the time to warm up the product with your finger. Once you feel that the product sticks to your finger, spread it over the cheeks and nose as well as the parts of the face exposed to the elements. Note that the product has not been designed for use on the lips. Repeat as needed, approximately every 2 hours.